Welcome to Arts Alive 2022

Celebrating 30 Years of Creativity & Artistic Excellence

The festival will present a variety of artistic programmes featuring artists from various sectors of the Creative Industries will usher in a refreshing line up of cultural activities which includes music, fashion, craft, comedy, dance, theatre, visual art and variety of enlightening and educational dialogues. 

The programme is curated in celebration of Joburg’s diverse culture and underwrites the important role of culture for critical and active citizenry and solidarity. This year’s vibrant lineup of events reaches across traditional art barriers through commercial and avant-garde spaces, ensuring that many art forms of numerous genres and their contributions are recognized while highlighting the significance of keeping the arts alive. The Arts Alive programme will once again feature something for everybody. 

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Arts Alive International Festival 2022 and shining the spotlight on the discipline of Jazz, we have curated a jazz offering titled “Jazz In The Lights” that will be presented as the closing concert for the Festival on The 16th December @ the Joburg Zoo. 

arts alive 2022 dancer

Arts Alive 2022 Programme

See all the upcoming events for the Arts Alive 2022 Programme.

Oct 1, 2022

Back to the City Festival

Oct 8, 2022

Global Dance Supreme

Oct 16, 2022

Beatmakers Market

Oct 26, 2022

Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition

Oct 27, 2022

DisArtbility Theatre Festival

Oct 27, 2022

Cromwell Ngobeni Solo Exhibition

Oct 28, 2022

14th Jozi Book Fair Festival

Oct 28, 2022

Fists Remain Raised: Dance Production

Nov 3, 2022

It’s All Jazz Really Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

South African Music Colloquium

Nov 12, 2022

Aloota Continua

Nov 12, 2022

Alex Youth Arts Festival

Nov 13, 2022

Occupation: Swiss & SA Collaboration

Nov 17, 2022

Endzeni Ka Jele Ra Yena

Nov 19, 2022

Indigenous Gospel Festival: Clap ‘n Tap & AmaZion

Nov 26, 2022

Creative Native Motor Show

Nov 26, 2022

Stand-up Comedy & Poetry Showdown

Nov 30, 2022

Emerging Fashion and Craft Showcase and Workshop

Dec 2, 2022

Bloke and His American Bantu

Dec 2, 2022

Bassline Summer

Dec 3, 2022

Gerard Sekoto Festival

Dec 5, 2022

Mbuso Khoza and Heritage Ensemble Presents: “Ijadu le Afrika”

Dec 10, 2022

Clash Of The Regions

Dec 13, 2022

Ten Days in a Shebeen

Mar 11, 2023

Jazz In The Lights Music Festival

arts alive 2022 jazz in the lights

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