Fists Remain Raised: Dance Production

Con Cowan Theatre, University of Johannesburg, Bunting Road Camp

Drawing from the life and ideology of Steven Bantu Biko, this collaborative work speaks to the affirmation of humanity through the belief that we are all worthy of freedom and the responsibilities that come with it. This multi-layered work addresses the social ills of today, referencing our history in order to navigate our future. Fists Remain Raised is a collective celebration of the paths forged and ones we continue blaze in the pursuit of holistic liberation that black people yearn for and aspire to. 

UJ Con Cowan Theatre, Bunting Road Campus: 28th Oct 2022 — 19:00 (Opening), 29th Oct 2022 — 14:00 (Matinee) 


For more information, please contact:
Jacqui Jacobs —